ATA Local #3 Executive Contact Information

ATA Local #3 Executive
President Michael Doll
Vice President James Gascoyne
Past President
Secretary Cheryl Pridell
Treasurer  Tia Vandermeer
Teacher Welfare Committee Chair Janel Sherwin
NSC Chair Ian McLaren
Communications (Incl. website)  Ian McLaren
PD Chair

Tia Vandermeer

Michelle Wotherspoon

Diversity, Equity and Human Rights (DEHR) Chair Michelle Wotherspoon
District Rep Don Brookwell
Professional Replacement Teacher Committee Chair  Rod Phillips
Public Education/Wellness Chair Leslie Ennis-Smale
Local Political Engagement Officers
 Women in Leadership Committee Chair Sonja Dykslag

ATA Local #3:




District Representative—Don Brookwell

District Representative for Central South
Phone (bus):





Lindsay Winslow

Karen Stoupe-Trig


Suzanne Williamson

Travis Wessner


Terry Hoganson

Tommi Christiansen


Cheryl Priddell


Deb Howell

Eckville Elementary

Angela Landin

Eckville Jr/Sr High

Justin Holton

École James S. McCormick

Chandra Cooke

Tanya Sexsmith

Tracy Duckett

École Lacombe Junior High

Jeff Mason

James Gascoyne

École Lacombe Upper Elementary

Sonja Dykslag

Gillian Marshall

École Secondaire Lacombe Composite High

Justin Rindal

Iron Ridge Elementary Campus

Laura Tisdale

Iron Ridge Intermediate Campus

Leslie Ennis

Iron Ridge Junior Campus

Emily Simkin

Kayla Shannon

Lacombe Outreach

Rod Prokopowich

Scott Shimp

Mecca Glen

Richard Zandberg

Ponoka Elementary

Shauna Wessner 

Ponoka Outreach

Shawn Halbert

Ponoka Secondary Campus

Tian Vandermeer

Rimbey Elementary

Carla Garland

Francis Beagle

Rimbey Jr/Sr High

Shauna Murdoch

Terrace Ridge

Lisa Otto

Marica McWhinnie

West Country Outreach

Marg Brookwell

Wolf Creek Academy

Landan Stones

Centennial Centre

Sheila Swier

Colony Schools

Alix Colony

Trudy den Boer

Bentley Colony

Nicole Raincock

Ferrybank Colony

Erna Marberg

Leedale Colony

Megan Reis

Pleasant View Colony

Toni Vanlanduyt

Central Office



No contact information found for this subgroup.
Websites/Email Addresses:


By E-mail


Because of concerns about the confidentiality of information sent by 
e-mail, members having personal problems related to their employment are encouraged to contact staff in writing, by phone or in person rather than by

Non-personal inquiries should be sent to one of the following e-mail addresses (information about program areas is available):

By Mail


Edmonton Office (Barnett House)

11010 142 Street NW
Edmonton AB  T5N 2R1

Calgary Office (Southern Alberta Regional Office [SARO])

350, 6815 8 Street NE
Calgary AB  T2E 7H7

By Phone


Edmonton Office (Barnett House)

780-447-9400 in Edmonton
1-800-232-7208 toll free in Alberta

Switchboard Hours

  • Labour Day to June 30
    08001700 Monday–Friday
  • July 1 to Labour Day
    08001630 Monday–Friday

Calgary Office (Southern Alberta Regional Office [SARO])

403-265-2672 in Calgary
1-800-332-1280 toll free in Alberta

Switchboard Hours:

  • Labour Day to June 30
    08001700 Monday–Friday
  • July 1 to Labour Day
    08001630 Monday–Friday

By Fax


Edmonton Office (Barnett House)


Calgary Office (Southern Alberta Regional Office [SARO])